quinta-feira, 2 de setembro de 2010

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"For thousands of years, people have been saying that the world is changing and will never again be the same. Yet the profound changes happening today are different, because they result from a specific technological development.
It is now possible, in principle, to remember everything that anyone says,writes, sings, draws, or photographs. Everything."

"Right now, governments and the other institutions of human societies are 
deciding how to use the new possibilities. Each of us is participating as we 
make decisions for ourselves, for our families, and for people we work with.

Everyone needs to know how their world and the world around them is 
changing as a result of this explosion of digital information. Everyone should 
know how the decisions will affect their lives, and the lives of their children 
and grandchildren and everyone who comes after.

That is why we wrote this book."

Abelson, H., Ledeen, K. & Lewis, H. (2008)
Addison-Wesley. Creative Commons BY NC SA

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