segunda-feira, 21 de junho de 2010

Unlocking the Value of the Information Economy

Vale a pena ler este pequeno report.

E no final perguntar se a perspectiva de Enrique Salem, President and CEO da Symantec Corporation (sponsor do estudo) está correcto (visto cá pelo ângulo da "nossa economia dos 7-0 à Coreia do Norte").

"...2010 marks the first step into a decade that will undoubtedly bring about enormous change. It is the decade
in which we need to take an even closer look at information—where it comes from, what we do with it, how we manage it, and what it really means to us and our organizations.
This next decade will truly redefine what we have come to know as the information economy. It is an economy defined by the value of intellectual property, the value of customer information, the value of ideas-the value of information.
What makes information so powerful today is how easily it’s replicated or duplicated and moved from one place to another, and how quickly it can be distributed.
However, the very things that make it so powerful also threaten its value...".

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