sábado, 3 de setembro de 2016

«Dear Data» | «Data is a way to filter reality in a way that words cannot»

«From an award-winning project comes an inspiring, collaborative book that makes data artistic, personal - and open to all
Each week for a year, Giorgia and Stefanie sent each other a postcard describing what had happened to them during that week around a particular theme. But they didn't write it, they drew it: a week of smiling, a week of apologies, a week of desires.
Presenting their fifty-two cards, along with thoughts and ideas about the data-drawing process, Dear Data hopes to inspire you to draw, slow down and make connections with other people, to see the world through a new lens, where everything and anything can be a creative starting point for play and expression». +.

E sobre o livroe e o projeto a que está associado leia na WIRED. De lá:

  • “We spoke data.”
  • “I see data as another material, like paint or paper or clay or marble,” says Posavec. “Whatever people use to communicate a message.”
  • “Data is a way to filter reality in a way that words cannot,” 
E o site do Projeto neste endereço, donde:

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