domingo, 18 de agosto de 2013

«Is Big Data an Economic Big Dud?»


De vez em quando, é útil aparecerem artigos como «Is Big Data an Economic Big Dud?», onde se pode ler, por exemplo: «(...)
There is just one tiny problem: the economy is, at best, in the doldrums and has stayed there during the latest surge in Web traffic. The rate of productivity growth, whose steady rise from the 1970s well into the 2000s has been credited to earlier phases in the computer and Internet revolutions, has actually fallen. The overall economic trends are complex, but an argument could be made that the slowdown began around 2005 — just when Big Data began to make its appearance.
Those factors have some economists questioning whether Big Data will ever have the impact of the first Internet wave, let alone the industrial revolutions of past centuries. One theory holds that the Big Data industry is thriving more by cannibalizing existing businesses in the competition for customers than by creating fundamentally new opportunities. (...)». Leia o artigo completo no NYT.
Pensando bem, o que estará em causa serão os limites do desenvolvimento tecnológico, quando não encarado como um fim em si mesmo ...

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