domingo, 2 de novembro de 2014

O que se debate por esse mundo ...

Na próxima terça feira começa em Nova Iorque a conferência registada na imagem. Trago-a para este blogue porque me apetece partilhar a diversidade do programa como se pode conferir aqui. Ilustrando, numa mesma ocasião:
 Welcome to the Future: Technology and the Sustainability Challenge 
This dynamic 90-minute session will provide participants the opportunity to see and discuss emerging technologies that will dramatically affect and even transform our everyday lives over the next 10 to 20 years. Collaborating with a leading futurist and sustainability thinker, the group will identify and consider the sustainability opportunities and risks presented by these new technologies. Participants will come away from the session with a better understanding of some of these fascinating technologies and their sustainability implications, as well as a stronger sense of how to proactively apply sustainability thinking to your own industry’s technological advances.
 Can Voluntary Frameworks Ensure Companies Respect Human Rights? Three years after the release of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, many companies have made significant strides in their commitment to respect human rights, while others have yet to publically embrace the UN’s guidance. As a result, some stakeholders have called for stricter, binding requirements that would require companies to conduct human rights due diligence. And yet, other stakeholders point to the tremendous impact the Guiding Principles have had to date. They argue that the solution isn’t binding requirements, but rather greater focus and effort on using them as a tool to raise the bar on human rights for all companies. This one-hour debate-style session will delve into the question of whether the Guiding Principles are meeting their objectives or whether binding requirements would spur progress.

Big Data: Friend or Foe?  The amount of information we save, store, and share digitally is growing at a rapid pace. This big data and the sophisticated analytics it enables give us the power to address sustainability challenges in smarter, more informed, and more effective ways. But big data can be costly from an energy and materials use perspective, and raises important questions about privacy, security, and freedom of expression. This one-hour conversation will explore how big data is used by companies and civil society to change behavior and address sustainability challenges as well as what happens if data gets in the wrong hands. How can companies and civil society use it to change behavior and address sustainability challenges? What happens if data gets into the wrong hands? What types of assumptions are made about individuals without their knowing? What special responsibilities arise when business collects big data?
E sendo certo que não conhecemos tudo o que se passa mais perto de nós, todavia, do que contactamos,  a diferença de fôlego é patente. Entretanto, saiu a publicação seguinte da BSR:

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