segunda-feira, 2 de fevereiro de 2015

MAIS PREVISÕES PARA 2015 | Os disruptivos

Não resistimos a partilhar mais este «prognóstico»: The End of the Beginning: Seven Predictions for 2015, de  Ojas Rege. Como pode conferir, o post  começa assim:

«“Disruption” is a word used far too often in technology. Living in California’s Silicon Valley, I drive by at least 10 companies each day that say they are about to disrupt the status quo. Some will. Most won’t. But those that do share two traits: 1) They will fundamentally change human behavior; and 2) They will create massive new opportunities for innovation.
These two traits are the litmus test that separates evolution from disruption. For example, virtualization was a major evolutionary step, but it was not disruptive because, while it drove IT efficiency, it did not spark transformative user or business experiences. On the other hand, the PC was absolutely disruptive because it fundamentally changed the way people did their work and it triggered innovation by creating armies of developers.
Mobile will be far more disruptive than even the PC. Mobile eliminates the latency of human decision-making by putting data and computing in the hands of literally everyone in an organization at the point of action. Mobile changes how people live, how they work, how they process information, and how they act». Continue a ler.

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